About Lanhum Chiropractic Services in Pittsfield Illinois

Dr. Christoper Lanhum ChiropractorDr. Chris Lanhum is an Illinois and Missouri board certified Chiropractor at Lanhum Chiropractic. He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2014 and studied with an emphasis in Sports Medicine and Nutrition.  Dr. Chris is also a former Pittsfield High School athlete, he still enjoys sports and runs long distance. His practice is focused hands on chiropractic care, sports medicine, muscular rehab and proper nutrition. Dr. Lanhum is a Pittsfield native and is excited to be able to serve Pike County and surrounding area including Pittsfield Ilinois.




Tatjana Thomas - Lanhum ChiropracticTatjana Thomas is the crazy Croatian you’ll see running around the Pittsfield office. Be sure to give her a hard time as she gets you set up and ready to meet with the doctor! Our office is not like any other doctor’s office, we keep it very light. At Lanhum Chiropractic, we love when we our patients leave pain free but also with a smile on their face. Tatjana will make you feel right at home with her positive attitude, and she will help answer any questions or fears you might have about chiropractic care or our whole food nutritional supplements.






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